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Teresa Maharaj

"Through symbols come words, to create images. 

I follow the trail – sometimes direct, other times random, always creating the beauty within the darkness, the light found in shadows, putting a face to the other-worldly faceless and creating a vision of the seen out of the unseen. 

We all want to be heard and it first comes from listening within and hearing the truth spoken in the stillness of night.

This, is where it begins."

Teresa Maharaj is a local to Las Vegas and for the last several years has shown her work throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Art has been a driving force of expression for Teresa since childhood. Influenced by a variety of master artists along with her determined focus to master her own style, Teresa’s work, guided by free-flow, continues to amaze its viewers.

In the recent years, Teresa has given into the flexibility of oils and allowed for the paintbrush to create on canvas. With this development, much of her art embraces a sensual depiction of various pantheons. Whether she puts a face to the shadows or sheds light into the formless, her profound surrender to the mysterious allows it to speak clearly through her pen, brush, or pencil onto paper and canvas.

Her devotion to art has brought her a warm welcome into the Las Vegas art community, and Las Vegas continues to praise this successful artist when in 2012, Teresa had the privilege and honor to receive the RAW Las Vegas Visual Artist of the Year award.

Teresa is a natural-born giver and places great value on the smiles her art puts on the faces of others. She believes in the power of art, especially when it ignites creative sparks in young artists. One of the many ways she enjoys giving back to the community is through the arts. For various silent auctions and fundraisers, she has donated her art to help support successful organizations such as St. Judes, Innovations International Charter School of Nevada, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, March of Dimes, Celebrate Las Vegas Autism Community Trust, just to name a few.

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